New Pre-Game Checklists

To standardize our pre-game introductions and make sure everyone is covering what needs to be covered, we are changing the pre-game screen in all of the escape rooms to an updated version of the pre-game checklist that appears in Fargo's lobby.


When you take your team into the room, the screen will list the topics to be talked about in your pre-game and the order to cover the topics. Update your pre-game spiel to coincide with the new check list.


The pre-game checklists will also appear in the lobby of Fargo and Clues. At those locations, you can perform your pre-game introductions in the lobby or in the rooms.


The three screens are shown below. Take a look at them and familiarize yourself with the topics and their order.

Puzzled's Pre-Game Checklist


Fargo's Pre-Game Checklist


Clues's Pre-Game Checklist